About 8Point

What We Do
We can help in litigation support, law enforcement, private investigations, surveillance, and many other situations requiring audio and video restoration. A typical example could be something as simple as taking an old recording – on tape, or vinyl. We can digitize it, and work with it to make it sound as clean as it did when it was originally made. In same cases, restoring the sound of the audio isn’t the most important thing, but the understanding of the audio (such as what the person speaking is actually saying). In both cases – we can get you exactly what you want.

What We Use
We have a wide arsenal of software – the right tool for the right task. Some of our main work is done on DC Live Forensics 8, an industry standard in the audio forensics industry. In addition, we utilize:

  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Audacity
  • Wave Editor
  • Max/MSP
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Izotope RX3
  • Custom Software

And many plugins, utilities, and custom software. We use the highest analog-to-digital converters available, to ensure the best transfer of analog material while working digitally.

Who Certified Us?
In addition to having advanced degrees (MM, and PhD) in music, digital audio, and engineering, we are also certified to use DC Live Forensics 8 by Tracer Tek.

Why 8 Point?
The elusive name of our company is, for now, a mystery. Ask our founder about it.